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Past Annual Canstruction® Competitions

Canstruction brings 351,130 lbs of Food to the Hawaii FoodBank!

Since the first Canstruction® competition on Oahu in 2006, AIA Honolulu has raised 351,130 pounds of needed canned food for the Hawaii Foodbank – enough for 276,480 meals for the hungry in our community.

2016 CANstruction Award Recipients & Entrants

The theme for AIA Honolulu's 11th Canstruction® competition was "Galacti-CAN."

“We CAN Guard the Galaxy Against Hunger”

Marvin the Martian Brings the KABOOM on Hunger
by Group 70 International/Swinerton Builders

Helping the Planet’s CANdition
by Cambria USA / RavProductions

Millennium Fal-CAN
by Clifford Planning & Architecture LLC /
Unlimited Construction


Astronaut Ellison S. Onizu-CAN
Inspires Us to Dream Big!

by Coffman Engineers

Space CAN-vaders Battle
Hunger in Hawaii

by Rider Levett Bucknall

"Rocket Hunger to Outer Space"

"Transformers: Age of CANstruction"
by Albert C Kobayashi, Inc. / Design Partners Inc.

"Join the Rebellion! Defeat Hunger’s Empire"
by HDR Inc.

"We CAN Defeat the Hunger Invaders!"
by Bowers + Kubota Consulting

Subaru Hawaii’s CANstruction Keiki Corner

A Kids Can Corner structure was also created Oct 1 by AIA Honolulu member-architects, University of Hawaii School of Architecture students, Honolulu Community College AEC program volunteers, allied design professionals and hundreds of island keiki who brought at least five cans of food as a donation to the Hawaii Foodbank. 

Scores of kids helped to build a rocket in this keiki corner, sponsored by SUBARU Hawaii, that also participates as part of Canstruction® competition, though it was not judged.

2015 CANstruction Competition Winners & Entrants

“Appetite for CANstruction” by

“We CAN Beat(les) Hunger!”
by Bowers + Kubota Consulting



“The Yellow CAN-marine!”
by Clifford Planning & Architecture LLC




“Rock Out Hunger”
by ADM Retail Planning & Architecture

“Stitch Returns to Blue Hawaii…with a Mission!”
by Group 70 International/Layton Construction

“The Can Side of the Van”
by Coffman Engineers/HHF Planners/Mason Architects


by Albert C Kobayashi, Inc. / Design Partners Inc.

"Let the music feed your soul"
by Cambria / RavProductions

"...No Satisfaction, Where There's Hunger"
by Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc.

"Guitars Heroes CAN Rock"
by HDR Inc.

Give Peace a "CAN"-CE"

View 2015 Canstruction Competition Photo's

2014 CANstruction Competition collected 20,252 lbs of food

This year's theme “Childhood Dreams,” was inspired by the goal of helping prevent every child from going without a meal…One Can at a Time!  The competition raised a total of 20,252 pounds of food for the Hawaii Foodbank, which will provide food for a total of 15,946 meals to feed Hawaii’s hungry!

“CANjagoans” by
Allied Builders System / MGA Architecture

“Dream UP High”
by Richard Matsunaga & Associates

“Pirate’s Plunder: Treasure a Child’s Dream”

“Fiercely Fighting to End Hunger” (dragon)
by Coffman Engineers

“Summer Dreams are CANceivable”
by ADM Retail Planning & Architecture

“The Cat in the Hat”
by Group 70 International / Swinerton Builders

"Gotta feed 'em all!"
by Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc.

"Rocket to Infinity and Beyond!!!"
by HDR Engineering

"Freeze out hunger so our keiki CAN dream"
by Bowers + Kubota Consulting

View 2014 Canstruction Competition Photo's

The 2013 Canstruction Competition Collects 37,861lbs of Food

This year’s theme was "CANstruction® Wonders of the World"

Richard Matsunaga and Associates Architects
"The Moa-i-CAN, the Moa-We-CAN"

"VolCANo: Hawaii's own natural wonder"

SSFM International
"Bridging the Hunger Gap from "CAN" Francisco to Honolulu"

Ferraro Choi and Associates + WSP Hawai‘i
"You Don't have to be a Gladiator to Fight Hunger"

ADM Retail Planning and Architecture
"Join the Race to DRIVE out Hunger"
HDR Engineering
"Breaching Hunger is Not a Fluke"

Bowers + Kubota Consulting
"Mauka to Makai: A CANdid of Diamond Head"

Coffman Engineers
"Taj Mahal: Love Conquers All – Including Hunger"

Group 70 International/Swinerton Builders
"Hokule‘a - Navigating Toward the Wonders of the Future"

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company
"CANcrete: Strengthening the Fight Against Hunger"

Johnson Controls
"We CAN provide a mountain of hope”

Nordic PCL/INK Architects
"The Temple of KukulKAN"

RIM Architects
"Ending hunger? There’s not an app for that"

7th Canstruction® Competition Oct. 6, 2012

The theme was “CANtastic Heroes”

Structural Ingenuity Winner Best Use of Labels Winner
 “Helping Hunger One Minion at a Time” “We Can 1UP Hunger”
ADM Retail Planning & Architecture Group 70 International, Inc.
 Juror’s Favorite Winner Best Meal
          “CANmehameha: Hawaii’s Original Superhero" “Hosing Down the Flames of Hunger”

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company

Honorable Mention Honorable Mention + People's Choice
“All-Ameri ‘CAN’ Heroes” “Hulk Can Smash Hunger”
Coffman Engineers  Ushijima Architects 
Distinguished Entrant Distinguished Entrant
 "Captain Ameri-CAN Hawaii's Hunger Avenger" "Saving Hunger One Can at a Time"
Pankow HDR
Distinguished Entrant Distinguished Entrant
 "S.H.I.E.L.D. Against Hunger" "Everyone CAN be a hero"
Richard Matsunaga Assoc. Architects Inc. ECC
Distinguished Entrant Distinguished Entrant
"CanMan-You CAN be a hero too!" "Mario CAN Do!"
RIM Architects, Inc. Bowers + Kubota Consulting
 Distinguished Entrant Kids CAN Corner
"Maui: Hawaiian Super CAN" "SpongeBob CAN Teach Our Keiki"
Allana Buick Bers, Inc.  

Mahalo 2012 Canstruction Sponsors:  C & S Wholesale Grocers, Design Partners, Inc., Hawaii Foodbank, Honblue, Inc., Makana CommunicationPearlridge Center and SMPS Hawaii.

Mahalo 2012 Kid Corner SponsorsBreezway, Case Lombardi & PetitEvergreen by Debra LLCFung Associates, Marketability, LLCPacific Dynamics and US CAD.

6th Canstruction® Competition in 2011

Structural Ingenuity Winner Best Use of Labels Winner
 “Green CAN-tern” “Enter the Gateway to a Hunger-Free Hawaii”
KYA Design Group Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc.
 Juror’s Favorite Winner Honorable Mention Winner
          “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner" “Weeeeee’re off to Feed the Hungry”
      InSynergy Engineering, Inc.

Bowers + Kubota Consulting

People's Choice Award Winner Most Pounds Donated Team
“Release of KraCAN” “CANfu Panda!”
          Richard Matsunaga & Assoc. Architects, Inc. WATG

5th Canstruction® Competition in 2010

CANSTRUCTION PHOTOS! Click here to view lots of great photos from 5th Canstruction® Day. 

Jurors Favorite & People's Choice
“Kids Can Take a Bit Out of Hunger"
by Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company 

Structural Ingenuity & Best Use of Labels
“Kids CAN ‘Shoot for the Stars"
by Richard Matsunaga & Associates Architects, Inc.
 Best Meal
“Happy Meals for Hungry Hearts”
by Bowers + Kubota Consulting

Honorable Mention & Best Concept
Scram! Recycle Your Cans!”
by Group 70 International, Inc./Urban Works, Inc 

5th Canstruction® in the News! 

4th Canstruction® Competition in 2009

CANSTRUCTION PHOTO'SClick here to view great pictures from the 4th Canstruction Competition.

      Juror's Favorite Best Use of Labels
     Pound Out Hunger Big Aloha Shirts
   Fung Associates Inc. WATG
      Structural Ingenuity People's Choice Award
           Shaka Brahhah   Tune-A-Toot-Toot Can Deliver
         KYA Design Group

Parsons Brinckerhoff

                        Best Meal Honorable Mention
                   Arizona Memorial     Shave Ice 
             Belt Collins Hawaii Ltd.   InSynergy Engineering, Inc  

4th Canstruction Competition Entrants (2009)

        Hawaii State Quarter Food-luck-sticking to a Green Cantribution
   Kiewit Building Group Inc. Kober Hansen Mitchell Architects Inc.
                   Big Okole Musubi  
Urban Works & Group 70 International, Inc.  


Printed Media

Broadcasted Media

  • KGMB Morning Show: Monday, August 10 from 6am-7am. Fung Associates built live in the studio while Joy Davidson, AIA and Polly Kauahi from Hawaii Foodbank were being interviewed.
  • KITV Morning Show: Thursday, August 13 from 5 am-7 am.  Belt Collins with Mark Tawara in the lead built live in the studio while Joy Davidson, AIA and Polly Kauahi from Hawaii Foodbank were interviewed.
  • KGMB9 Evening News: Saturday, August 15, 2009.  Jai Cunnungham interviewed Joy Davidson, AIA about Canstruction live from Pearlridge showing canstructions.
  • Canstruction on YouTube: Saturday, August 15, 2009.  Fung & Associates live YouTube broadcast from Canstruction.
  • KHON2 Morning News: Monday, August 17, 2009 from 6am-8am. Jai Cunningham did a live on-site interview with the four big Canstruction winners.

3rd Canstruction® Competition Winners in 2008

  • Jurors’ Favorite: “Aloha Means Goodbye to Hunger in Hawaii” (Aloha Tower) by Belt Collins
  • Structural Integrity: “One Can, One Dream (Olympic torch and rings) by WATG
  • Best Use of Labels: “Think Outside of the Can!” (Fish) by Fung Associates
  • Best Meal: “Shoyu Can Feed Kama’aina In Need” (Sushi) by Allana Buick & Bers
  • Honorable Mention: “Melting” (Penguins) by Ferraro Choi & Associates
  • Honorable Mention: “Cleaning Up Hunger with WALL-E” (WALL-E) by Kiewit Building Group
  • Pearlridge Honorable Mention: “Wishes Can Come True” (Wishing well) by Actus Lend Lease/Hickam Community Housing

 Mahalo to HONBLUE and C&S Wholesale Grocers for helping AIA Honolulu and sponsoring this event.

Participating 2008 Canstruction® Teams -- Please thank our AIA architect and allied design and engineering firms:
Actus Lend Lease/Hickam Community Housing, Allana Buick Bers, Belt Collins, Design Partners/Castle & Cooke, Durrant Media Five, Ferraro Choi & Associates, Fung Associates, Group 70 International, Kiewit Building Group, Parsons Brinkerhoff, U.S.CAD Hawaii/Next Design, Urban Works and WATG.

2nd Canstruction® Competition Winners in 2007

Teams included Architects Hawaii, Design Partners, Durrant Media Five, Ferraro Choi & Associates, Group 70 International, In+Form Design, KYA Design Group, Mason Architects, Peter Vincent Architects, Richard Matsunaga & Associates, Skylights of Hawaii and WATG. Students from the University of Hawaii School of Architecture, and Chaminade ASID Student Chapter competed as student teams.

The teams “canstructed” on Saturday morning for six (6) hours. Mayor Hannemann sounded the opening horn at 8 am. 

Pictured: Juror's Favorite “Corn”undrum by In+Form Design, Inc. 

Winners of the 2007 Second Annual Canstruction® Competition are:

· 2007 Jurors’ Favorite: “Corn”undrum by In+Form Design, Inc.

· 2007 Structural Integrity: i-tiki by Ferraro Choi and Associates

· 2007 Best Use of Labels: An inCANvenient truth: building a greener future by Peter Vincent Architects

· 2007 Best Meal: Brush Up on Nutrition by Durrant Media Five

· 2007 Honorable Mentions (two): Take a bite out of hunger…like CANterpillar did! by WATG and CANpact Fluorescent vs. InCANdescent by KYA Design Group.

People's Choice Award Winner:  i-tiki by Ferraro Choi and Associates.  Voting for the People’s Choice Award took place from Oct 6 – 21, 2007.  One donated can equaled one vote. 

Click here for a photo gallery of all the 2007 Canstruction winners.  Click here for a PDF file of all the 2007 winners.

2007 Sponsors: The Honolulu Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Honolulu), Pearlridge Center, Foodland Supermarkets, HONBLUE, C & S Wholesale Distributors and Meadowgold. We would also like to Thank the competing teams and their firm sponsors for their generous donation of canned goods to build the giant can-tructures.This event is entirely to benefit the Hawaii Foodbank.

1st Canstruction® Competition: First of its kind in Hawaii in 2006

In Form Design Jurors Favorite

 Pictured: Juror's Favorite by In+FORM Design, Inc. "CAT"stuction:Join the fight, end hunger 'meow'!  (Japanese nekko cat)  This canstruction was built out of 2,950 cans.

· 2006 Jurors’ Favorite: "Cat-struction: Join the Fight; End Hunger ‘Meow’!” (Japanese nekko cat) by In+FORM Design, Inc.

· 2006 Structural Integrity: “Surf the Foodbank Wave on Our Outrigger Canoe” by Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo

· 2006 Best Use of Labels: “Da Pineapple” by Ferraro Choi And Associates, Ltd.

· 2006 Best Meal: “Hunger Bugs Me!” (cockroach and slipper) by KFC Airport

· 2006 Honorable Mentions (two): “Lovely Hula Cans: Lighting the Way to End Hunger” (hula girl) by Richard Matsunaga & Associates and “We All Can Help Make Sure No One Goes to Bed Hungry” (bed) by Group 70 International, Inc.

People's Choice Award: "Da Pineapple" by Ferraro Choi and Associated, Ltd.

Visit the official canstruction web site, sponsored by the Society for Design Administration, for amazing photos of the national winners.

Canstruction®  is Trademarked by the Society for Design Administration

Canstruction®  is trademarked by the Society for Design Administration (SDA), working in tandem with the American Institute of Architects and other members of the design and construction industry.  Canstruction® is a design/build competition currently held in cities throughout North America.  Click here to visit the official Canstruction® web site hosted by SDA and view photos of other cities' winners.  Photos of the Honolulu Canstruction competion are available for media purposes by contacting Amy Blagriff, EVP, AIA Honolulu.

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