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2019 AIA Membership Dues Information

All AIA and Associate AIA members who want to join or renew will do so directly with AIA National (links below). AIA is a three-tiered organization and to become a member, you must join all levels; Local, State, & National.

Local Allied Member? Join or renew your membership online directly with AIA Honolulu.

Amazing AIA Member Benefits:
Click here for information on all amazing AIA membership benefits and you will see that the value of your AIA membership far exceeds the investment. You can also view the complete AIA Member Benefits Guide (PDF).

2019 AIA Membership Rates

 Membership Category:             Local              
  Total Dues      s
 Architect (Licensed)          
 Newly License Architect - Year 3***   $348   $72.50   $276   $696.50
 Newly License Architect - Year 2***   $263.33   $48.33   $223.67   $535.33
 Newly License Architect - Year 1***   $178.67   $24.17   $171.33   $374.17
 Associate AIA
 Int'l Associate AIA
  $183   $0   $200   $383
 Member Emeritus*   $0   $0   $0   $0
New Graduate - 2nd Year New Grad** 





*   Emeritus Members - your volunteer contributions are appreciated to support our local Chapter.
**  New Grad promotions begin upon date of graduation and not your AIA join date.
ewly Licensed Architect Graduated Dues Program. Read more.

Joining Later in the Year?  If you join as a new member between April 1-June 30 you will receive a 25% discount on the above stated rates. If you join between July 1-September 30 you will receive a 50% discount. On October 1 we will start with our 15 for 12 campaign where you can join for 15 months for our 12 months rate. 

Join or Renew on the AIA National Website!

To join or renew your AIA Honolulu membership you must go through the AIA National website.

Existing Member? Renew Online for 2019

  • Renew online! Stay connected and remain competitive in a changing economy.

New Member? Join Online Today

  • Join Online! Instantly expand your support network by more than 90,000 colleagues.

Free A'19 registration! New members may be eligible for complimentary registration for the A’19 Conference on Architecture 2019 from June 6-8, 2019 in Las Vegas. Restrictions apply. Learn more >

Dues Installment Program!  Pay your dues in up to six monthly installments with our Dues Installment Program.  Enrollment begins October 1, 2018 and is available through April 30, 2018. Learn more >

New Grad? Free Membership for up to 18 months!

  • Join Online! Promotion begins upon date of graduation and not your join date.

From Assoc. AIA to AIA OR AIA to Member Emeritus?

If you are in the process of making a membership status change from Associate to Architect OR AIA to Member Emeritus, click here for more information about this process.


Ask AIA National:  Email AIA membership services or call them at (800) 242-3837.
Ask AIA Honolulu: Email AIA Honolulu or call at (808) 628-7243.

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