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Codes Committee 




The Hawaii State Council Codes Committee works closely with related City and County departments, making recommendations to the regulatory agency, and keeping the membership of both Hawaii AIA chapters informed of important Code-related issues. This committee has a number of subcommittees which take on specific areas of concern including building, fire, zoning, termite protection and wood treatment, professional liability, and accessibility.  

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Membership in the Hawaii State Council Codes committee is open to all AIA Honolulu and AIA Maui members, particularly those with expertise in dealing with codes and interested in providing their input.

State Building Code Meetings: Review of the 2018 IRC & IBC

Due to legislative changes in the 2017 session, the State Building Code Council (SBCC) has been given authority to adopt building codes which do not require the Governor's approval for public hearings nor his signature on the bill enacting the updated codes.  For this reason, the SBCC is still following the 2006 International Building Code/International Residential Code (IBC/IRC). The Legislature recently mandated that the SBCC adopt the newest IBC/IRC codes within 2 years from the date of publication.

The 2018 IBC/IRC codes were published in November, 2017. The SBCC estimates the procedure to adopt the new codes will take approximately 18 months. Given that timeline, as well as the 2018 code publishing date, we now have only 3-4 months for the AIA Codes Committee to review and recommend changes appropriate for Hawaii.

The AIA Codes Committee (IRC)  will meet weekly on Mondays, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm to review and discuss the 2018 codes in order to make appropriate recommendations within the 3-4 month time frame. Meetings are open to anyone interested in participating in the code review. View our calendar for upcoming meetings.

Codes Committee Leadership and Members

For more information about the Codes Committee please email the AIA Honolulu office at

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