Practice and Prosperity Committee
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Practice & Prosperity Committee 




The Hawaii State Council Practice & Prosperity (P2) Committee is responsible for issues that affect public 
procurement, taxation, civil justice and similar issues in the State of Hawaii.  The committee also prepares the architect labor rate survey every three years. 

Get Involved

Membership in the Hawaii State Council P2 committee is open to all AIA Honolulu and AIA Maui members

P2 Committee Agenda

  • Public Procurement. Defend and improve existing Qualifications-Based Selection QBS for public design contracts. Monitor public agency conformance and procedural decisions.
  • Public Procurement. Discuss impact of small business preferences for state contracts.
  • Public Procurement. Assist with passage of law requiring payment formula for “pursuit costs” to unsuccessful offerors in public sector design-build competitions. Consider accounting study of historic costs to justify mandatory payment. Recent AIA National study says “pursuit cost” for federal design-build is $2 per square foot. Currently Hawaii law allows payment, but there is no requirement and there is no $ connection to scope of project.
  • Taxation. Monitor payment of State Use Tax (akin to GET) on architectural services imported from out-of-state firms. Note the tax is owed by the Hawaii-based client / importer and not owed by the out-of-state architect.
  • Civil Justice. Monitor and improve legal climate for Hawaii architectural practice. Ban defense duty in public design contracts; increase from current $1 million threshold.
  • Prepare Architect Labor Rate Survey to be provided to state government agencies such as DAGS and DOE. May be performed every 3 years. 

P2 Committee Leadership and Members

For more information about the P2 Committee please email Shaun Roth at

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