Housing Committee
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Housing Committee

The newly formed AIA Honolulu Housing Committee was created to promote the development of safe, attractive, accessible, and affordable housing. It will provide leadership, advocacy, and education to the profession and the public in matters related to housing design.

Leadership of the committee will consist of a Chair, incoming or Vice-Chair, immediate past Chair and Secretary. 

The incoming/Vice-Chair will be responsible for strategic partnerships in order to develop important and ongoing relationships within the greater community.

Housing Committee Goals

The Housing Committee is made up of three primary pillars, all of which will work independently but also collaboratively.  The committee will also be focusing efforts on Affordability of Housing in our local community and throughout the state of Hawaii.

  1. (THINK) Research, Policy and Design
    Leader:  Questor Lau, AIA
    Objective:  To compile, analyze, and author content to promote innovation and progression of best practices.
  1. (SHARE) Collaboration and Outreach
    Leader:  Kevin Wilcock, AIA
    Objective: To connect a multidisciplinary network of AIA members, sister organizations, design professionals, and the general public to foster shared responsibility, resources, information, and vision.
  1. (ACT) Envision and Execute
    Leader:  Sean Baumes, AIA 
    Objective:  To implement research concepts and outreach feedback into built projects.

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Want to get in on the conversation?
Check out the Housing Committee Blogspot at aiahousing.blogspot.com/


View the full AIA Honolulu Housing Committee org chart, which shows how the three pillars are structured, which external organizations interrelate, and how.

Important Housing-Related Links

Get Involved

AIA members, AIA Associate Members, and Local Allied Members are all welcome to participate in the Housing committee.  Members of like-minded organizations with an interest in local housing issues are welcome to attend Housing Committee meetings. 


For upcoming Housing Committee meeting dates, go to the AIA Honolulu online calendar, and click on AIA Committee Meetings link at the top to view all upcoming committee meetings.  Please note, this will show all upcoming meetings for AIA committees, not just housing. Scroll through to find the Housing Committee meetings by title.

Housing Committee Leadership and Members

2018 Chair: Questor Lau, AIA
2018 Vice-Chair:  Kevin Wilcock, AIA
2018 Secretary:  Sean Baumes, AIA

For more information about the Housing Committee, please email Chair Questor Lau, AIA at Quarchitect@gmail.com




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