Licensing in Hawaii & Other Resources
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Licensing of Architects in Hawaii is regulated by the State to safeguard public health, safety and welfare. 

Professional and Vocational Licensing: (808) 586-3000

Request an applicationInquire about licensing requirements, Applicants can check on the status of an application and Inquire about licensee maintenance requirements.

RICO Consumer Resource Center: (808) 587-3295 or (808) 587-4272.

Questions about licensure for Architects in Hawaii?

Contact the Engineer, Architect, Surveyor and Landscape Architect (EASLA) Board.  They have information on how to become licensed in Hawaii, how to transfer your Architect license issued by another state, or to find out about the laws and rules governing the licensing and practice of architecture in Hawaii.

Renew Your Hawaii License Online and On Time!

The State of Hawaii's renewal cycle for professional licensing of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Landscape Architects is every two years in April. The next date for license renewal will be April 30, 2020 (2022, 2024, 2026).

Between May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2020 You Need 16 Hours of Education

Architects renewing their license must certify that they have met the 16 hours of continuing education (CE) over the biennium (2 year license period) in public protection topics, health, safety and welfare (HSW); as required by the State of Hawaii. Fulfillment of the CE requirement is subject to random audit by the State of Hawaii. In most cases, the AIA HSW requirement for members will meet the State provision.

AIA Members: Check your AIA transcripts using the date range of May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2020.

Non-Members: Keep and maintain your own education records up to date in case of audit. Read more.

Renewal postcard reminders will be mailed out March 2, 2020
Renew online at
MyPVL” and Renewal FAQs

To be guaranteed a pocket card by April 30, 2020
Renewals should be submitted by March 30, 2020

Failure to timely renew by license expiration date will result in the forfeiture of the license. Read more.

Newly Licensed?

If a person was licensed during the 1st year of the biennium, 8 CE credits are required. If licensed during the 2nd year of the biennium, no CE is required.

Licensed in other States?

View Interactive Map showing CES requirements for all 50 states and District of Columbia. Mouse over to view state requirements and click on state to be taken to their licensing jurisdiction.

To learn more about these laws, the Hawaii Revised Statues (HRS), set by the State Legislature, should be your source of information. Specifically HRS 464 talks about the Professional Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Landscape Architects. View our "Licensing of Architects in Hawaii flyer (PDF).

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