Mentorship Sub-Committee
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  Mentorship Sub-Committee


The AIA Honolulu Mentorship Program was created to provide an organized (formal) platform and community for career and leadership development for the rising generation in the architecture profession.  The focus will be on the transition from graduation to professional practice and ultimately licensure, with guidance from a wide range of industry leaders.

 Program - 5x5x5 Format:

  • FIVE LEARNING GROUPS – Each learning group consists of 5 mentees; program comprised of 25 mentees. Program eligibility = AIA YAF and Associate AIA members.

  • FIVE MENTORS – Consists of leaders from architecture/construction industry

  • GROUP COORDINATORS – Facilitates group discussions and one each will be assigned to each of the learning groups. Coordinators will also be the point of contact between mentors and mentees.

  • PROGRAM COST - $50 - AIA members only. Price includes five mentorship sessions and admission to the Kickoff Pau Hana.

  • FIVE MEETINGS PER YEAR - Learning groups will agree on their own meeting schedule until they have meet each of the five mentors.

  • LOCATION/TIME - The mentorship groups meet at the discretion of the mentor and coordinator.  

Click Here to download a PDF of the AIA Honolulu Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program Goals

  • Establish a continuum of professional relationships and learning among young practitioners and industry leaders

  • Allow participants to understand and utilize the wide range of services and benefits that AIA provides

  • Provide mentors a unique opportunity to positively influence an upcoming generation of future leaders

  • Institute an ongoing annual mentorship program as a benefit for AIA members

Get Involved

The Mentorship sub-committee falls under the umbrella of the Emerging Professionals Committee.  Membership in the Mentorship sub-committee is open to all AIA Honolulu members

Interested in being a mentor or mentee?
Each year, our mentees are made up of Associate AIA and AIA YAF (licensed ten years or less) members interested in furthering their careers

Mentors consist of AIA/FAIA members who are interested in mentoring. 

Mentorship Committee Members

For more information about the Mentorship sub-committee, or to become a mentor or mentee, please email Jason Takeuchi,

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