AIA Hawaii State Council
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AIA's Role in State-wide Advocacy

AIA has three organizations in Hawaii representing the interests of members and the public on state and local/county issues. State-wide we are served by the AIA Hawaii State Council.

The AIA Hawaii State Council represents AIA members on matters of state-wide interest, and provides assistance and advice to state, governmental and regulatory bodies regarding issues affecting the profession and practice of architecture in Hawaii.

The AIA Hawaii State Council has organized three committees to work on legislative and regulatory subjects on behalf of all Hawaii's architects.  Each committee has an agenda that matches current state legislative and regulatory issues monitored by AIA as government advocacy service to members.

For information on the three AIA Hawaii State Council committees, click the links below:

Legislative Reports

Read the July 18, 2017 AIA Hawaii State Council Legislative Report by Dan Chun, AIAHSC Government Affairs Commission. For full text of the bills go to

AIA Hawaii State Council 's top priority is having state funds released to update our aged building code based on IBC 2006 - published eleven years ago. Two bills have passed. AIAHSC prefers HB1436. In many past years the legislature funded update efforts only to have the governor decline to release the appropriations. Governor Ige has as bad of a record as his predecessors; demonstrating his lack of support for state building codes.

Hawaii Annual Legislative Session

When session is in progress, visit our Hawaii State Legislative Contacts page to educate and inform yourself on the issues affecting design professionals and the practice of architecture in Hawaii.

2019 AIA Hawaii State Council Leadership

The AIA Hawaii State Council Board of Directors includes elected delegates from the AIA Honolulu Chapter and AIA Maui Chapter, their respective numbers determined by a formula based on the number of registered architects in each Chapter.

  • Vice-President/President-elect: Vacant

Other Key Roles for the AIA Hawaii State Council

AIA is also asked at different occasions to submit the name(s) of Architect member(s) to represent AIA Hawaii interests and provide professional expertise on behalf of the architectural profession. Current active AIA appointment include:

Contact the AIA Hawaii State Council

Jacy L. Youn, Executive Vice President
828 Fort Street Mall, Suite 100, Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 628-7244 | Email:     

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