Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

The AIA has a long history of requiring that its Members adhere to the highest ethical standards. The preamble to the AIA's Code of Ethics (Web) describes the principles upon which the Code of Ethics is based and includes a brief summary of the document. It provides that "Members of The American Institute of Architects are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence.

Complaints against an AIA member would be handled by the National Ethics Council (NEC) (Web). The NEC enforces the Code of Ethics and consists of seven Members of the Institute who are appointed by the AIA's Board of Directors.

AntiTrust Compliance Statement & Procedures

It is the practice of The American Institute of Architects and its members to comply strictly with all laws, including federal and state antitrust laws, that apply to AIA operations and activities. Compliance with the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws is an important goal of the AIA, and is essential to maintaining the Institute’s reputation for the highest standards of ethical conduct.

State-Wide Resources for Hawaii Licensed Professionals

The Regulated Industries Complaints Office (RICO) (Web) is a statewide agency of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. RICO enforces the regulatory standards of over forty professions, occupations, and programs by receiving, investigating, and prosecuting complaints.

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