College of Fellows

The AIA College of Fellows is one of the most prestigious designations available through the American Institute of Architects. The Fellowship program was developed to elevate architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession.  Election to Fellowship recognizes the achievements of architects as individuals, as well as their significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level. Only 3% of AIA members have this distinction.

To learn more about the AIA College of Fellows and for eligibility requirements visit the AIA National website (Web).

The Role of the College of fellows in AIA chapters and in Hawaii

  • Offer guidance to various aspects of the chapter’s activities.
  • Act as a source for AIA Honolulu’s mentorship program.
  • Meet with Hawaii state governors to offer assistance in statewide planning, offering architectural and planning advice and assisting as needed.
  • Meet regularly to discuss design related topics. Topics typically include planning and architectural issues throughout the state and city. Topics are proposed by attendees; three are voted on for discussion.
  • Work with current AIA Honolulu and AIA Maui member architects to educate them about the COF and encourage pursuing Fellowship. If appropriate, COF assigns a mentor who assists in compiling the required information and nominates the individual for Fellowship.

AIA College of Fellows in Hawaii

Since 1948, nearly 50 architects living in Hawaii have been awarded the prestigious Fellowship award.

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Cathi L. Schar, FAIA 2021 2 — Practice
Norman G.Y. Hong, FAIA 2021 5 - Alternative career, volunteer work with organizations not directly connected with the built environment, or service to society
John Ida, FAIA 2020 2 — Practice
James Nicolow, FAIA 2018 2 — Practice
Dwight Mitsunaga, FAIA 2016 2 — Practice
Glenn E. Mason, FAIA 2015 1 — Preservation
Bettina Mehnert, FAIA 2015 2 — Practice (Management)
Peter N. Vincent, FAIA 2014 3 — Service to the Profession
Clark E. Llewellyn, FAIA 2011 2 — Advance-education
Joseph J. Ferraro, FAIA 2008 2 — Practice
Francis S. Oda, FAIA 2004 5 — To make the Profession of ever-increasing service to society
Randall K Fujiki, FAIA 2003 4 — Government/Industry
Daniel G. Chun, FAIA 2001 3 — Led the Institute
Benjamin B. Lee, FAIA 1998 4 — Government/Industry
John M. Hara, FAIA 1996 Design
Carol S. Sakata, FAIA 1993 3 — Service to the Profession
Christopher J. Smith, FAIA 1990 Service to the Profession
Susan Lin, FAIA 2010 Chicago Chapter
Dean Sakamoto, FAIA 2010 Connecticut Chapter
Daniel Friedman, FAIA 2001 Cincinnati Chapter
Raymond Yeh, FAIA 1988 Central Oklahoma Chapter
Elmer Botsai, FAIA (deceased) 1974 Northern California Chapter
Joyce M. Noe, FAIA (deceased) 2006 2 — Practice
Theodore E. Garduque, FAIA (deceased) 2000 3 — Led the Institute
Virginia B. Macdonald, FAIA (deceased) 1999 2 — Practice
Anne Spencer Lieneweber, FAIA (deceased) 1996 1 — Historic Preservation
Evan D. Cruthers, FAIA (deceased) 1994 3 — Service to the Profession
A. Bruce Etherington, FAIA (deceased) 1990 Public Service
Donald W.Y. Goo, FAIA (deceased) 1988 Service to the Profession
Arthur M. Weber, FAIA (deceased) 1988 Architects in Government
Paul Duane Jones, FAIA (deceased) 1986 Public Service
Service to the Profession
Kenneth F. Brown, FAIA (deceased) 1985 Public Service
Donald Douglas Chapman, FAIA (deceased) 1984 Design
Service to the Profession
Public Service
George V. Whisenand, FAIA (deceased) 1984 Science of Construction
Service to the Profession
Architectural Practice
Dennis T. Toyomura, FAIA (deceased) 1983 Service to the Profession
Public Service
Charles Richard Sutton, FAIA (deceased) 1980 Urban Design
Service to the Profession
Leo S. Wou, FAIA (deceased) 1975 Design
Geoffrey W. Fairfax, FAIA (deceased) 1974 Historic Preservation
Frank Slavsky, FAIA (deceased) 1974 Design
Francis S. Haines, FAIA (deceased) 1972 Public Service
Service to Profession
Architectural Practice
Ernest H. Hara, FAIA (deceased) 1972 Service to Profession
Service to Community
Edward Sullam, FAIA (deceased) 1972 Design
Public Service
Service to Profession
Gerald Lou Allison, FAIA (deceased) 1971 Design
Service to the Profession
Public Service
Kenneth W. Roehrig, FAIA (deceased) 1969 Design
Public Service
Service to the Profession
Historic Preservation
Urban Design
Architectural Practice
Cyril W. Lemmon, FAIA (deceased) 1968 Public Service
Harry W. Seckel, FAIA (deceased) 1967 Service to the Profession
William Dickey Merrill, FAIA (deceased) 1966 Design
Alfred Preis, FAIA (deceased) 1965 Public Service
George James Wimberly, FAIA (deceased) 1957 Design
Vladimir Ossipoff, FAIA (deceased) 1956 Design
William Charles Furer, FAIA (deceased) 1953 Service to the Institute
Hart Wood, FAIA (deceased) 1948 Design

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