2023 Canstruction® Winners

18th Annual Canstruction® Competition

Our partners and event beneficiaries, Hawai‘i Foodbank
Our partners and event beneficiaries, Hawai‘i Foodbank
Our esteemed jury: AIA Honolulu President-Elect Wayne Goo, AIA, Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke, and ACECH President Kyle Kaneshiro
Our esteemed jury: AIA Honolulu President-Elect Wayne Goo, AIA, Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke, and ACECH President Kyle Kaneshiro
Keiki Corner was bustling this year!
Keiki Corner was bustling this year!

Vote for People's Choice Award
open through September 23!

All funds raised go to the Hawai‘i Foodbank

“Passport to End Hunger”

On September 16th, eight teams of local architects and allied professionals put their design and building skills to the test as they creatively “CANstructed” dynamic 3D structures, each made entirely of several thousand cans of food, which will be donated to Hawai‘i Foodbank — in AIA Honolulu’s 18th Annual Canstruction® competition at Kahala Mall.

Since its inception, AIA Honolulu’s Canstruction® Competition has gathered
724,119 pounds of canned goods – enough food to make 572,657 meals.

Structures made entirely of canned foods serve not only as a donation to the Hawai‘i Foodbank, but also as a collection of positive and motivational creations as we move forward embracing a healthier, resilient and more vibrant community. AIA Honolulu teams truly believe Hawaii’s design and construction industry CAN rally around this year’s theme to reflect the true value of generosity essential to our local communities and the bright days ahead.

Get ready for an exciting adventure!

This year’s theme, “Passport to End Hunger,” is your ticket to CANstructing something that will transport us to a world where hunger is a thing of the past.

Let’s board the plane of creativity, hop on the train of imagination, or even set sail on the sea of inspiration to help eliminate hunger in our community and provide healthy meals. Remember, this event is not about the destination, but about the journey.

So, pack your bags with cans and let’s build CANstructures that will lead us towards a food-secure future.

2023 Award Recipients & Distinguished Entrants

Mahalo to Adam Taylor, Allied Member, for the event photos.

Mahalo to Mark Tawara, Allied Member, for use of the digital kiosk at the event.


Best Original Design
“Voyaging CANoe”
by Ferraro Choi & Associates and Nordic PCL Construction


Structural Ingenuity & Most Cans
“Time to Change the Future”
by G70, Swinerton, and Coffman Engineers


Best Use of Labels
“Soup's Up!”
by Design Partners, Inc., Castle & Cooke Hawaii, and Coastal Construction


Best Meal
“Tomato Hot Air Balloon”
by RIM Architects


Distinguished Entrant
“Stitch's Adventure to End Hunger”
by Bowers + Kubota Consulting


Distinguished Entrant
"Aloha Spirit - Delivering Help to Ohana in Need"
by MGA and Canaan Builders


Distinguished Entrant
"Aloha CAN"
by Okahara and Associates, Inc.


Distinguished Entrant
“Unpacking Hunger”
by RMA Architects Inc.

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