Annual Canstruction® Competition

18th Annual Canstruction® Competition - Passport to End Hunger

Build Day Saturday, September 16, 2023 at Kahala Mall

Since its inception, AIA Honolulu’s Canstruction® event has gathered and donated 724,119 pounds of canned goods
– enough food to make 572,657 meals - to families through the Hawai‘i FoodBank.


2022 Best Original Design “It’s Easy Being Green”
by Next Design LLC, Constructions Hawaii & Alan Low Design


For the last 18 years, AIA Honolulu has partnered with Hawai‘i Foodbank to help raise food donations through our annual Canstruction® Competition. Teams, led by architects builders and allied design and engineering professionals, will compete and showcase their talents by designing giant sculptures made entirely out of canned foods.

Canstruction® combines the competitive spirit of a design/build competition with a unique way to help feed hungry people. All the canned food from the structures and monetary donations from the public will be donated to the Hawai‘i Foodbank at the completion of the event.

2023 Competition

Build Day:            Saturday, September 16 from 9am-2pm
Structures Up:    September 16 through September 23
Where:                 Kahala Mall


Passport to End Hunger

Get ready for an exciting adventure! This year’s theme, “Passport to End Hunger,” is your ticket to CANstructing something that will transport us to a world where hunger is a thing of the past.

Let’s board the plane of creativity, hop on the train of imagination, or even set sail on the sea of inspiration to help eliminate hunger in our community and provide healthy meals. Remember, this event is not about the destination, but about the journey.

So, pack your bags with cans and let’s build CANstructures that will lead us towards a food-secure future.

Participating Teams:

  • Bowers + Kubota
  • Design Partners Incorporated & Castle and Cooke
  • Ferraro Choi And Associates Ltd & Nordic PCL Construction
  • G70 & Swinerton
  • Okahara and Associates, Inc
  • MGA Architecture Inc
  • RIM Architects
  • RMA Architects Inc

Questions? Email Reid Mizue, AIA or Tiffany Tabbal, Allied Member, our Canstruction Committee Chairs

Mahalo 2023 Canstruction® Competition Sponsors

Canstruction Sponsors 2023

What is Canstruction®?

Competing teams, lead by architecture firms, allied designers and engineering and construction professionals will design and build structures by using canned goods and other non-perishable foods.

Structures, ranging in size from 1,500 to 13,000 cans are created by stacking a variety of can sizes and shapes using the product labels as the color pallete. Structurally self-supporting, the only other materials to be used are 1/4inch leveling, cardboard, tape, rubber bands and wire. At the close of the exhibitions all of the food used in the structures is donated to the Hawai‘i Foodbank.

Canstruction® is a national community service program trademarked and created by the Society for Design Administration (SDA) on behalf of the design and construction industry. 1 in 6 people and 1 in 4 children in Hawai‘i are facing hunger. The American Institute of Architects (AIA), Honolulu Chapter, working in tandem with the Hawai‘i Foodbank presents the annual Canstruction® competition in Hawai‘i.

Canstruction® is a design/build competition held in cities throughout North America. Visit the official Canstruction® website (Web), hosted by the Society for Design Administration (SDA), and view photos of other cities’ winners. Canstruction® is trademarked by the SDA.

Media Requests

Photos of the AIA Honolulu Canstruction® competion are available for media purposes by contacting AIA Honolulu at


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