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Professional Built Entries
806 Iwilei Affordable Housing & Resource Center

Photo credit: Hawkins Biggins & Olivier Koning
Project location: Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Project completion date: 02/01/2022
Submission type: Residential

Located on the 'Ewa mauka corner at the intersection of Iwilei Road and Summer Street, the existing property and structures were adaptively re-used and transformed into a new four-story, mixed-use property, housing a 27-unit affordable rental apartment complex, administrative offices, community outreach and resource center equipped with a commercial kitchen, dining hall, 10-person dormitory, hygiene facilities, and counseling and other support services.

The design approach began with considering the re-use of the existing structure where it was feasible for the new programmed spaces. The City's need for a cost-effective and durable building lent itself to the project adapting to the existing structure with concrete masonry, steel, and light-gage framing. To visually soften and articulation of the massing, while varying the facade material sections and colors.

Civil Beat Plaza
Daniel Kahikina Akaka Veterans Affairs Clinic
Hale Kiawe
Hale Le'ahi
Hawaii State FCU Headquarters
Hawaiian Airlines Air Operations Support Space
Kaulana Mahina
Kūlanihākoʻi High School
Lavaflow 8
Līlia Waikīkī
PBS Hawai‘i New Home
Slice of Paradise
Wailuku Civic Complex Parking Garage
Student Entries
CMU Park

Project Location: Amarillo, TX
Category: Graduate

The community center is called CMU PARK situated in Memorial Park, Amarillo, Texas, and since Memorial Park is the only large green space in the community, we wanted to return the land occupied by the community center to the residents. Therefore, we wanted to create an ecological, active, and safe CMU PARK out of cold concrete masonry. The huge, curved roof gives the residents a unique roof garden and plenty of grey space for activities. The skylights in the roof also allow for convection of air between inside and outside, which, together with CMU's excellent insulation, gives CMU PARK in hot Texas a cool interior.

Tornadoes are frequent in the area. The sunken courtyard and multi-purpose rooms can be used as a shelter. The small rooms in the community center, like classrooms and offices, can also be used as dormitories for people made homeless by tornadoes. The curved roof makes the building seem to grow out of the ground. Roof gardens and roof paths also enrich the experience. The contoured roof form uses both plant and concrete materials to give CMU PARK a different appearance. On the ground CMU PARK is white, on the roof it is green. The curved roof is also more resistant to tornadoes than a flat roof, providing a safer shelter for people.

We want to present the adaptability and flexibility of CMU materials to the maximum extent possible. In the CMU system, different parts of the wall have different properties. load-bearing walls, partition wall, green wall, urban furniture, and paving. Based on the selected basic units of masonry, we have defined several of the most typical masonry methods. In our scheme, the walls are all curved walls, and in the other three core shelter spaces hyperbolic walls are used. We used the most basic block units, controlling the curves by controlling the width of the mortar joints. With the most basic units, interesting special forms are created.

Community Nexus
Da Crater Spa't
Hala Learning Center
Kaka'ako Cocoon
Lēʻahi Home & Lapa'au Park
Mauna Kea Residence
Stacked Housing Complex

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